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Intercontinental Express

Intercontinental Express is the duo formed by Ceren Turkmenoglu and Hakan Kursun that is aiming to create a new musical zone where traditional rhythmic cycles and characteristics of their different musical backgrounds converge.

The pieces were composed, performed and recorded at the home studios of the two individually, in Boston and Istanbul.

Biometrics Music Video Click Here: Biometrics Music Video Link

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Personal Recordings:


Pearl Bracelet 2017 was composed and performed remembering the incredible historical buildings hidden beyond the mist on the Eminönü- Kabatas axis, the noises of Maslak, the harmony of Emirgan, the fragrance of Besiktas and adolescent years spent in Fındıklı. With this work the artist created musical reflections of various Istanbul districts. Pearl Bracelet is a combination of several journeys including the artist’s Pearl Necklace route starting from Eminönü to Kabataş. Every time one takes this route a brand new picture awaits to be seen. The instrument selection is minimalistic. Hakan Kurşun describes the work as creating space for experimental music. If you can’t sleep well or if you want to mask your atmosphere by music, please try Pearl Bracelet. All instruments are performed by Hakan Kursun.  Pearl Bracelet  includes recordings that the artist did for the Istanbul Amsterdam Audio Tours exhibition, the Raumton texture that he composed for a beautiful sculpture by Ahmet Oran and instrumental recordings that he made to research how music can be slowed down.

KUARK 2016 Hakan Kursun

Kuark consists of 12 compositions expressing social and inner disorders. His music can be described as a bridge between electro acoustic, rock and popular music. He defines the Kuark recordings  as a search of harmonic sustainability. KUARK Team Rec & Mix: Korhan Koray and  ‪Hakan Kursun. Text, Human Voice, Compositions, Guitar, Bass, Piano, Drums: Hakan Kursun. Guitar: ‪Korhan Koray. Guitar: ‪Mert Özkaya. Brass Section : Nedim Ulusoy. Tar: Yalda Yazdani. Kemence: ‪Onur Şentürk. Studio: Quintet  Mastering: Mancave. Grafik Design : ‪Kaan Güryuva


KÜTLE  2003 Hakan Kursun

Kütle was composed and performed remembering the 1999 Marmara Earthquake, the beauty of love and the 2003 Bingöl Earthquake. The album is structured in 3 zones. Personal recordings made at Quintet Studio, duo and trio recordings with Volkan Öktemi Turgut Alp Bekoğlu and Eylem Pelit. The duo and trio recordings are recorded at Marsandiz Studios Istanbul without metronome and there is no editing involved. Kar yağdı was composed as a wedding song. Kesinlikle describes the journey of hopes. İfadesiz is about lovers that are surround by strange creatures. 12/8 is about the Bingöl and Tutma about the Marmara earthquakes.

KAOS 1996 Hakan Kursun Debut Album

Kaos was composed and performed remembering the wonderful times in Warsaw and Istanbul. The recordings are self-confrontations of the artist. The lyrics are about personal feelings, social responsibility and political madness. All instruments are performed by Hakan Kursun. The recordings have been made during night sessions at the Marşandiz studios in Istanbul.



Born in Germany he moved to Turkey at the age of 14. After high school he moved to Vienna and after his musical studies to Warsaw. He lives since1997 in Istanbul.  Hakan Kurşun founded Pb Muzik Production Ltd. In 2002. He teaches since 2002 and teacher at the Istanbul Bilgi University and since 2005 the Istanbul Technical University MIAM Center for Advanced Studies in Music. He holds a BA Recording Arts degree of the Middlesex University.His discography includes over 90 released albums of known artist from Poland and Turkey. During his carrier he served as a board member of the MSG composers association, Managing Director of EMI Turkey and founders representative of SAE Media Institute Istanbul. Together with Peutz NL he consulted large music venues and events designs. His company is active in the fields of music production, acoustic design and education.

Currently he is working on his fifth album named Multilingula and a performance named “Megaphone Culture”.

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BILGI Unv. Music Department Adjunct :  http://music.bilgi.edu.tr/tr/akademik-kadro/


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